What kind Of Name Is Major?

I watched the GOP debate tonight and I am very impressed with one thing… The moderators name. Major! Wow. I am going to rename my kids Privates 1 and 2, my Wife will now be  Sergeant Major and I will be known as Corporal.

I had no idea that name was possible. this changes everything! OH YEAH! The debate!

What a f@#*ing joke! If I was a Republican I would no longer be a republican! Trump has proven again and again and now again that dragging your more qualified opponents into sophomoric shouting matches can effectively shroud a host of your own shortcomings.

I have met Donald Trump many times but when I met him he was a 14 year old girl talking about the other cheerleaders and boys who wouldn’t call her back. It sounded exactly the same and I puked in my mouth then too.

I have close friends and I genuinely hope this party can self correct and show some dignity. I am embarrassed to be an American tonight because the world is watching and they see us as an hideous pile of opulent and petulant rich, overweight, self involved, cry babies who say anything they can to hurt each other as they fight over how they can take the remaining scraps of resources from a worn torn and battle weary global populous.

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