Scalia – a lesson in turning down interviews

Poor Justice Scalia! The legacy he leaves to a barely watching populous that is more interested in loudmouth idiots than intellectuals that may not share their opinions is an interview with Piers Morgan. Honestly I don’t know if “Piers” is spelled correctly but I can tell you that I don’t give a shit! The interview has been on a loop in the news for 48 hours and I keep thinking “How did Peeieirs get that interview?” Was no one paying attention while he became famous? The way he interviews arguably the most famous judge in the english speaking world is a lot like a tabloid reporter with a list of freshly googled twitter trend topics related to politics.

Someday we will all die. Some people’s work will be high profile enough that the world will suddenly become aware that they should have noticed them in life. That is when CNN will loop that person’s last interview. Judge Scalia may have felt that he made many errors in judgement through the years but if he could see how he will now be remembered due to this interview. He would, most likely, see not getting up in the middle of Pieeirse’s interview and walking out as his greatest mistake in a career of decisions that had a global effect.

If Scalia had walked out of that interview they would have likely figured out that Peeeiiirs was a fucktard earlier than they did and canned his ass then.

We learn many things from people who dare to do accomplish greatness. I submit that we can learn from Judge Antonin Scalia to never take an interview with anyone with one third of your own IQ, but more importantly, if your handlers accidentally put you there WALK THE HELL OUT and spare the world another two years of Peiieiiiirs Morgan.

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