Sorry no blog today

  I am writing you this blog to tell you that I cannot write a blog. There is far too much travel going on today for me to take the time to write a blog for you. I hope you understand it won’t be too angry.
The only reason I don’t have time is because I’ve been making content for you. Yesterday started at 9 AM, I did 10 hours a podcast, then to 1 1/2 hour shows. After all that I packed for 30 minutes and drove three hours to Dallas where I caught a plane to Atlanta. Then I got in my car and am driving four hours home to Savannah where I will go to a Lowcountry boil with my neighbor and hang with my kids.

I hope the fact that I blog even when I can’t log shows you how committed I am to bring a new consistent constant.

Well I guess for a blog about not being able to blog, this is a pretty good bog!

I’ll probably write another one in a few hours after the kids go to bed.

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