Look at me! Thinking about not overthinking.

Kids are loud. I am working on a cruise right now and the rooms on either side of me are populated by one family with three children under ten years old. Which means that I am now a part of that family too. 

Normally I would be annoyed by doors slamming and crying and yelling but it is beautifully interrupted by the occasional “BOO! I scared you!” Or “I can unlock the door with the card!!!!” Or “Look at me. I can carry my brother!”
Children are inspirational because we also think those things but can’t shout them constantly due to social constructs that WE have created. So we have found a million uncomfortable ways to say “Look at me!” Some of them land us in jail or make people not like us or frustrate the people who do. 
Thanks random kids on a cruise for reminding me (every 30 minutes or so) that I don’t need to sneak around about my excitement for life. I don’t have to steal millions of dollars from sick people by creating a drug and making it exorbanantly expensive to say “Look at me”. I don’t have to spend every waking moment thinking only about stock prices and how to get to the next train while my kids ask where I am, to say “Look at me”. I don’t have to angrily shout at everyone around me about how I am more popular than anyone else that is running for president because I clearly represent the lowest common denominator, to say “look at me”. I don’t have to do all these things and a million others to say “Look at me. I can carry my brother” I can just carry my brother and shout…

“Look at me! I can carry my brother!”


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  1. Kimber says:

    I dig this!


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