The New Dark Ages

I travel quite a bit so sometimes I am forced to watch people eat. 

It starts out as an exciting event. Taking in a meal, getting some writing done, you know, best laid plans.

Ordering starts the awareness of other people. Then finding a seat. People try to be polite but it is strained at best as people stand in the middle of a main walkway, blow there nose too close to other people’s tables, and generally display a lack of awareness of others.

Not all… But enough.

Now the disturbing food ritual begins. Again, not all, but enough. 

The human is, at the end of the day, an organism that cyclically fuels itself from its environment. Choosing different raw materials based on preference to tear apart and grind down into nutrition using tools not unlike an insect in the rainforest. A giant, soft, insect with no shell just perching on a square wooden object, mandibles manipulate it’s food, saliva smacking, appendages gripping and tearing and feeding.

Once that image is clear in your head everyone looks gross. 

It’s no wonder people like to be alone more as they get older. The more perspective we gain in regards to what we really are, the harder it is keep up the lie of a myopic and comfortable view of humanity. 

That is why I secretly envy people who strut confidently through the world awash in the intellectual ignorance of other perspectives. How freeing it must be to reject all new information that challenges your pre-existing archaic understanding of how things must be. It has to be a more efficient way to function. Unfettered by the complicated processing of fresh paradigms. Unhindered by the sensitivity to possible flaws in your own point of view that plague the forward thinker. 

Ignorance is more efficient and that is why it is the most dangerous threat to humanity. Ignorance led us into the dark ages and it will again. Ignorance can always defeat thoughtful and deliberate because it is one step ahead in battle. 

The environment, war, resources shortages, whatever has you scared is just a product of letting ignorance run rampant. 

Push back against the compulsive need to react and you will freeze ignorance in it’s tracks. Disconnect rage from thought and you cut the legs from under the roving hordes of the new dark ages. Reject ignorance whenever, wherever you can and you are protecting America, democracy, and the world.

This is obviously a political statement as much as it is interpersonal. Take it however you want but don’t forget ignorance is not a person or a party or even one paradigm. It is the act of committing yourself to ONE person, ONE party, ONE paradigm. It is the deafening proclamation the you are right at this moment even though you never have been in hindsight. 

Be thoughtful, Be kind, Be open. Be AMERICAN.

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