Capturing The Moment

As I watch vacationers spend half of their vacation trying to capture images of themselves vacationing, something feels strange about it. Not in a curmudgeonly “Damn kids today with the iPhones and iPads and I whatevers!” But in a caring way. Like when your kids argue endlessly about who gets to ride the swing first and you have to tell them to stop so they don’t run out of time to swing.

The average American spends four days on vacation each year. That is a little over 1% of your time on Earth. Of that time we take a picture on average every hour for 8-10 hours. Each picture takes about 2 minutes to pose for, get a stranger who is also trying to enjoy their limited vacation to take it, then save it correctly to our device. Then we spend ten minutes on average sharing the photo with loved ones. We are effectively sentenced to 10 minutes of community service for each photo. Later in the day we spend a total of around 1 full hour reliving those moments while we are still on vacation in the middle of other new moments. Then we devote at least a total of 2 hours organizing these images for social media. This seems to create a wormhole of pseudo enjoyment and that is my main concern.

  1. Taking 10 pictures at 2 minutes each is 100 minutes (This cost another person 2 minutes ea. As well)
  2. Sharing with loved ones 10 pictures at 10 minutes each is 1000 minutes
  3. Reliving moments during other moments. 1 hour per day plus 1 hour opportunity cost = 120 min over four day is 480
  4. Social media sharing. 2 hours per day over four days is another 480 minutes.

That means we spend 34.3 hours “capturing the moment” The average vacation, after travel and sleep is only 32 hours of waking time.

I think our hedonism is creating a crack in time and space and we are all in danger of falling through it. 

I vow to “capture” less moments and “live” more so that humanity survives this dangerous threat to the fabric of existence.

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