Best Kept Worst Secret of Failure

It’s morning again. Here I am. Is this when success starts? Could it really be this attainable? Could it have everything to do with getting up and doing the next thing until the next thing is done without a thought? Or is it a mystical event that remains unexplainable? 

If every person who achieves great things that we all want to achieve is just that, a person, then how could it be such a mystery? Could success be reserved for an elite few and impossible to obtain without some holographic membership card or did everybody wake up this morning and face the same choice…

Go be successful at these things I do or don’t.

I am someone who battles self doubt and fear of failure or ridicule. Fear of conflict, fear of the unknown. The misunderstanding is that it is known to others and not me. 

I can trace every near miss, every catastrophic failure, every subtle self sabotage back to the same flawed thought. “I don’t know exactly what to do next so I will not try.”

The only thing that we all have in common is that moment of choice. Here’s a hint. No one knows what’s next! No one knows what they are SUPPOSED to do in that next moment. Some create the next thing. Some wait and let others create it. Maybe it feels safer to not put your  name on the next moment. This way others won’t judge you.

Success is about having your name on a moment. With that comes waves of inevitable judgement and ultimately, success. Here is the secret we keep from ourselves in some twisted attemp at trying to feel safer…

For those of us who fail to act and allow the next moment to belong to the rest there is ALSO waves of judgement. Either way we brave the same consequences!

Make your choice right now. Before you brush your teeth, before you drink your coffee, before you doubt yourself. Make a choice to do the next thing and make the next moment yours. Then prepare for exactly the same negative consequences you would get if you hestitated and a whole host of new positive ones that you can’t get unless you try!

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