The Colors of Connectedness

Why does everyone lose their cool simultaneously? Why do I get motivated at a high level and go out into the world to find everyone buzzing as if they are on some crazy group high that has them even more inspired than me? Why do I think of someone I haven’t thought of for a while and they contact me within 24 hrs? 

The answer is that we are always connected in those ways and a million more, but we are forever left interpreting for a lack of senses to perceive. if no human had eyes. Would red still exist all around us. Yes. 

I believe there are millions of occurrences that we are interacting with constantly, all around us, but we can only perceive 6 of them. These are all the things that connect us. These are the things we try to twist and shove and cram into a structure in our minds that we can comprehend. These are the things we call God, Zeus, Allah, Krishna, the universe, or a thousand others over 180,000 years of humanity.

This connection is not all roses and posies. I had a tough day, but when I opened my eyes to the people around me. They did too. 

Stay connected and aware, and life is less of a struggle and more of of a life. Redefine “good” too include “not so good” and your acceptance will calm you and open yourself to the moment. With that, maybe, just maybe we can start to see all the colors that surround and connect us.

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