Would you vote for your inner voice?

My inner voice has been yammering at me all day. It always says exactly what I am thinking and that is not always the right thing.

If I just met my inner voice I would never hang out with him much less vote for him. Inner voices aren’t held responsible for their actions by the outer world therefor they say terrible thing sometimes just to check and see if we are listening.

If you are still trying to understand what is drawing you to people who “Speak their mind” think of it this way.

There is a reason you respect quiet strength and humility in an individual. It represents the process of intellectualizing ones inner thoughts before acting on them or speaking them out loud. In most cases it leads to a more mature and effective representation of those thoughts.

Would you really want to let you inner thoughts run the country YOU live in. I wouldn’t because that has been proven historically to lead to dictatorship, imbalance, and chaos every time.

I hear my inner voice but I am smarter than him. It is a little harder, in the moment, but I prefer keeping him in check. This way people like me and I stay out of jail.

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