Citizen Happy

Have you ever seen humorous prank videos from european countries you’ve never heard of? They truly are a guilty pleasure of mine and I am always left wondering why we aren’t as happy as the good people of Von Happyshteiner Shlavilund.

They react to the most inconvenient and horrific pranks with silly giggles and dancing. If you pulled half the stuff they do in those videos, in LA you’d by ticketed, beat up, arrested, yelled at, and sued. The entitlement many people feel as Americans, to not be inconvenienced in any way, poisons their own enjoyment of surprise due to the inherent inconvenience.

I am now officially a citizen of Von Happyshteiner Shlavilund. If you see me in the street, please feel free to inconvenience me as much as you like for your own enjoyment. I will dance around as if in a silent movie, giggling at a nonexistent hidden camera. I may even have the Benny Hill theme song cued on my iPod just in case.


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