Earthly Fever

I Just swam in the Caribbean ocean at St Maarten and my western sensibilities elbowed their way past my childlike enjoyment of frolic to remind me of micro organisms and bacterium. That’s right bacterium. That is the word you use when you imagine germs already pulsing through your bloodstream searching out organs to compromise.

Ignorance was bliss. I remember being a mud covered kid playing in mud, eating mud and tracking mud into the worlds of others. That was my MO. Mud advocate. I don’t remember any life threatening mud borne illnesses. I don’t remember puking up mud. Did things change? Is the Earth trying to eat us back? 

What if the real threat of global warming is that it is part of the planet’s response to our impact. 

Maybe Earth has a fever and is fighting a bacterial infection called “People” with an immune response the we call “disease” or “infection”. Bacteria could be Earth’s white blood cells attacking the intruders that are causing a planetary influenza. That would mean that nuclear weapons are basically antibiotics or, more accurately, Chemo!

Anyway, it was a great swim. Very relaxing.

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