Happy Easter Mom and Pop

I wonder if breakfast places mean the same thing to other cultures. They must right? By other cultures I mean cultures very different from American or western cultures. Eastern, Middle Eastern, or indigenous people. 

Did Confusious ever say “He who sits at counter gets fresh coffe.” ?

Picture a group of bronzed native people huddled around a kettle in the middle of the Amazon at dawn. Over the deafening sound of jungle birds ushering in the new day, you can hear the sing song bark of a shaman asking for “The usual.” In this case the usual might be a porridge of some long lost grain and the snout of a river pig.

I submit that the mom and pop breakfast place is way more interesting if it is a human phenomenon rather than a modern American one. When I am in a new place like this morning in Cape Canaveral, I feel an unstoppable impulse to find my spot. My Mom and Pop where everyone is so busy that they don’t even notice I am from out of town. I slide in at the counter and act like I come here every week, practicing for retirement. This is one of my loneliness hacks and I think everyone does it. Everyone uses the Mom and Pop Breakfast joint to feel at home. Even and sometimes espescially when they ARE at home.

Thanks to Cozy Corner Cafe in Merrit Island Florida, I AM at home this Easter. My oatmeal is homemade, and Jim the local gave me the rundown on all the employee’s personalities. I feel like I’ve lived here a hundred years and just came home from a long trip. I hope there are people under flags I haven’t even seen yet doing this very thing today and every day. Mom and Pop Breakfast joints are what make us human, or at least make humanity a little less lonely.

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