White Guilt -No Template For The Unspeakable 

Do you feel guilty?

Abundance is a way of life for some. Perspective is so fleeting. I just ate an incredibly balanced and tasty meal. I had more than I needed and was able to pick exactly what was best for me at the moment. This abundance helps to lead to physiology that allows me to think proactively and not reactively. This leads to advantage.

I am a white American male. I am a pure product of the first world and its privilege. I feel like the tentative nature of some is partially attributed to that guilt. When people are at our best we shout our message from the mountain tops with our truest selves being expressed. If we are downtrodden, oppressed, or otherwise marginalized, that exact pressure is our call to action. That is our call to forge uniqueness and define what makes us different and worthy. That opposition becomes the backdrop providing the contrast needed for us to be seen. Without it we flounder in guilt, shame, and hesitation. The very morality that we have built our greater identity out of becomes our prison and we disappear.

How can I shout who I am from the mountain tops if the very act of being who I truly am takes away from the lives of others? How can I test my strength by standing in defiance when I have nothing holding me down?

A generation of us have wrestled with grisly guilt for a lifetime rather than soaring to the heights of our potential. We have turned inward to entertainment and self indulgence and shirked the fear of facing reality. There is no template for the unspeakable. There is no guidance for those of us who don’t want to let go of empathy and moral structure but can’t simultaneously bare the weight of responsibility we have for the condition of our brothers. How can we do both and restore the ability to completely own who we are and stand proud to show the world our experience without hurting others in some oblivious and indirect way.

This challenge is so often misunderstood by those of us facing it. We spin off into extremism and oversteer. We alienate others and ourselves in an attempt to bring balance to our world and we fail.

We are allowed to empathize with ourselves for the struggle to embody empathy into our physical world. This is our first step. However; we can’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. We have to embrace the inevitable change in the world. Our precarious lifestyle may not be sustainable and we may be the reason.

Have you ever gotten a raise in income? What if a year later your boss evaluated your performance and decided to lower your income? That never happens because it is an impossible situation due to the same attributes of the human psyche that are terrifying the first world as we speak. We may be losing our position in the world. It may or may not be right but it is real and our balance, happiness, and very survival depends on our response to change. Change in resources, change in relationships, and change in our position.

Who are you? What do you want? Let go of your image of how things are, have been, or should be. Let the world know that you are ready to see it as it is and stand strong in the ways that you believe. Let the world know that you will love no matter what. You will give no matter what, and you will constantly face the challenge of ego. You will carry your brothers, love your neighbors, and give everything you have to the world, not because you can afford it but because you have been to a height that is unique to the rest of the world and you can see that we can’t afford not to.

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