Knowledge Supports Principal

When it is bedtime I sit here in my bed trying to remember what it was I needed to do but couldn’t due to Dad, Husband, Dog Owner, Son, Good Neighbor, Comedian, Blogger, or Podcaster duties. I think the thing that I didn’t get to was proactive study of my world. 

What is it that is missing  in my knowledge of the things that matter? Should I know more about The assassination of MLK? Today was the anniversary. Should I know more about the economy? Today was a pivotal day in what could be the biggest economic scandal of this decade? Should I understand, more fully, the Syrian refugee crisis and how it relates to Turkey?  Everything changed for people seeking asylum in Europe today. Should I be keeping a closer eye on polar ice melt since I live 4 feet above sea level? Should I be studying ocean life, as Cephalopods and Sea Mammals will most likely be at the top of the food chain in a post globally warmed Earth?

Naaaaa. I have enough cash for a Greean Tea latte in the morning and Jiujitsu is at 10am. 

Knowing things exist isn’t intellectually productive . Knowing ABOUT those things is the beginning. Taking time to know the things we need to is hard because it takes all of our energy to manage the benefits we get from ignoring them. Principal needs support and knowledge is that support. Knowledge means nothing unless you apply it. Knowledg can only be apllied by principal.

Let us all just take our time and apply principal to our every moment.

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