Incessant Morning Tweeting

Birds sing beautifully in the morning and this morning on the barrier islands of Georgia is no exception. I am sure there are plenty of evolutionary reasons. Mating, warning others of danger, or just generally chatting. Some mornings though it feels as if they are trying to sound happy. Could they be like us? 

There are a lot of birds in any given area and maybe we aren’t hearing them all. Maybe the sensible birds are still nestled in their..nests. Which humans are up trekking around the strip mall at 530 am tweeting incessantly? Only a few of us are running around whistling about crossfit and the joy of a morning jog. Maybe birds are the same. 

Full disclosure; I am the up early and whistle from the tree tops kind of bird but I know that annoys night birds, so I keep it down. By this logic, most birds are a-holes that jog around the neighborhood yelling “…Zhumba! Crossfit! Morning kale smoothie!” Meanwhile the owls, who have been up all night watching Netflix, sit in their nests with their heads literally spinning around while these cheery loud-beaks chime in the morning on their way to the Pilates tree.

Perspective folk. Next time you sit and listen to the birds in the morning, don’t forget that for every one screeching busy body there are 10 sleepy swallows that were up till 4am… Swallowing that are completely pissed.

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