Ethos vs Egos

Ego, you hateful, cancer! I know to be egoless. Are the people I respect full of their own ego? No. They are open to all. Confidently vulnerable. If I know to be that then why do I get commandeered by my own ego? 

Mostly I enter every interaction with a conscious thought of being gracefully open to the thoughts, criticisms, and general behaviors of others as it pertains to me. Then without warning my ego secretly takes over as chief security officer and starts shoving people around like it’s a Trump rally. I never feel the shift take place. It’s almost as if I am in a large group of people who are following each other around and one person in the group is leading us all into these deplorable confrontations… Again, like a Trump rally.

My study today will surround merging intellect with action. Knowing something is not the tool used to implement that knowledge. As a matter of fact, the knowledge itself may create an opposition reaction as the obstinate 5 year old inside of us attempts to disprove this new information. 

Tedious repetitive application is the only way to grow in these ways. I catch myself trying to behave in a new and better way by merely proclaiming to the world that it is the best way and that I know it to be true. DON’T BE ME! That crap doesn’t work. 

Change that stays requires bold and painful resolve. They say that people don’t change. They say that a person’s nature is just that and it can’t be moved. They are wrong. There seems to be evidence that people cannot change because it is so exceptionally difficult to move yourself off of an habit or ethos that few people actually do it. GOOD NEWS. That also applies to good habits and ethoi. Rest assured that your hard work will be rewarded with a strong fundamental change that will not be easily dissolved. It IS worth the effort. I start today and every day…. We’ll see. Now that I have proclaimed it to the world it just got harder.

Do good work.

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