Vegan Breakfast in Jamaica

Whoops! I ended up at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica… Don’t tell my pregnant wife. 

What do I do with my sugar free vegan diet? Throw it out the window and have some rum and jerk chicken? I could but then I will not feel physically as good during my time here and may feel regretful later, like I let myself down. But I don’t want to deprive myself the benefits of such a great vacation resort. How can I enjoy effortlessly?

This morning I am having a familiar travel breakfast for me. Oatmeal with coconut flakes and matcha green tea with a stolen pack of honey from some other part of the world. Set against the back drop of a Jamaican sunrise on the beach, this should fuel you during your next kayak rental or scuba trip. 

Traveling and eating truly healthy isn’t simple unless you make it simple. You cannot be entirely dependent on the place your in. That’s the trick. “Be like water” it’ll be easy because you’ll be drinking a lot of it. (Side note: get a water bottle with a filter top and hang it from your pack.)

Alright! Here are three basic healthy eating travel steps. 

Step 1: Don’t tell anyone what you are doing. People will ridicule you, try to talk you out of it, and otherwise make your life very uncomfortable.
Step 2: Be prepared. Always carry a small amount of dried goods that you like. Powdered matcha green tea with some stevia will keep you off of the coffee and cheap teas. Dried coconut flakes for sweetening oats and such. Raw pumpkin seeds are filling and have a strong natural flavor without salt. Almonds, cashews, and trail mix are other good fixes. All can be added to oatmeal and salads to make a basic pile of local salad bar lettuce into a gourmet dining experience. Dressing you say? Most places always have oil and vinegar. Mix and match based on preference.

Step 3: Be brave! Mix weird stuff together. Take steamed veggies from the buffet and put them on some yams or hot local veggie dish. Try mixing cold salads like Greek salad (pick out the feta. DONT BE SUCH A WIMP!) with cold 3 bean salad. Or cucumber salad piled on top of a tomato salad. 

These steps are just the beginning. I travel constantly and eating REALLY well as super fun for me. It’s like a game. I will continue sharing my ideas in the weeks, months, years to come as I cruise the planet. Literally. Tomorrow I board a cruise here in Jamaica and I have totally hacked the free cruise buffet so look for the pics and ideas this week from Haiti, Ft Lauderdale, and San Juan Puerto Rico.

Stay happy, healthy, and kind.


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