Letting Go (Summer Haircut)

What is it about cutting your hair short that feels like such a big decision? IT WILL GROW BACK! I guess it will but it still feels weird. I like it long but I like it short. The same people that want me to keep it long are going to compliment me when it is short. 

I just feel like it must be a metaphor for a bunch of other important things. I interact with my hair every day like a family member. How am I supposed to just get rid of a family member and go on about my day like nothing happened? Maybe I should have a letting go ceremony to help with the grief. I know. I will leave locks of it here and there throughout the Caribbean over the next week and then save a lock for my grade so that I can always… OH MY GOD! That’s not letting go! 

I am just going to get a haircut and move on.

Wait a minute! The stylist at my resort in Jamaica did not make it. And my shuttle driver showed up early. My hair gets a stay of execution. Jamaica has conspired to save my hair.

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