Letting Go (Summer Haircut) Cont’

So I did it. I am shorn.

Two things about getting a haircut on a cruise ship. When I got on my hair was longer. They made me take a photo for security and it comes up whenever they scan my card. I think you see where I am headed.

The first day I went to the spa and got a haircut. Tigan from Australia cut my hair.IMG_1400They have lots of sheep in Australia. I think my haircut was nostalgic for homesick Tigan because I was shorn. That night I left my key in my room when I went out for tea. (Boy that sounded gloriously gay) The next thing I knew, I found myself standing in the security office of a cruise ship, staring at a picture of some aboriginal version of me. Normally, that’s just entertaining but I had a severe language barrier and a lot of explaining to do. Thirty minutes later I was in my room with cold tea and no hair.

This is me saying “Get haircuts on land and don’t go out for tea at midnight when the graveyard shift security team is working on their English.”

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