The Sleep Problem!

Did I sleep enough? I am passionate about all the things in my life… Except sleep. My nights are an exciting cascade of “extra” time that I use to address all the projects, ideas, routine catch up, and new endeavors. Since I never set an end time to that, it typically goes deep into rest time and I tell myself that I will be fine. I always am too but how long until I am not?

There is a nasty rumor going around that rest is as necessary to health as nutrition and exercise. Uh oh! In response to this widely excepted nuisance of rest needing to take up more of my day and eclipsing exercise in importance, I am going to start a SLEEP GYM! Collin’s Sleep Gyms will be all over the world and we will have a friendly staff of creepy hypnotists that will immediately induce sleep upon your arrival and wake you at your requested time. You will awake to a refreshed state that will prepare you to work into the night while your friends and family marvel at your resilience and productivity. You Can sell your bedding and pillows too and ever have to buy high thread count blah blah blah again. Count that as more money in the bank and your bedroom is now an office or extra room raising the value of your home! You’re welcome! 

“When can I find time to go to Collin’s Sleep Gym?” You ask. Easy! When you are supposed to be working. We also have a mobile sleep unit that comes to your place of business. Two Croatian sleep technicians dressed in silk pajamas tuck you in just after lunch and wake you at 445 pm. I know right? “Why didn’t I think of this?” Well, because you haven’t been up all night throwing time management out the window thus keeping your mind limber like me. 

I am going to start building this project tonight after the kids go to bed. It will cost me a lot of sleep so I have to get started soon. Damn! Not again!

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  1. drdrdog says:

    What’s the minimum sleeping experience that is recommended for one to safely attend a sleep gym? I’m worried about injuring myself through too much strenuous sleep…

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