Texan vegan restaurant

Here we are! Another Texas town. Another day as a dietary outsider.

I went to a nice restaurant last night and found that the menu only had dishes with meat and dairy and bread and yada yada. This blog COULD wrap up with a bashing of the restaurant I ate at last night, but I refuse to fall into that trap.

I asked my server if she knew of a dish I might like if I wanted to stay vegan and instead of looking at me weird of saying dismissive things about my personal dietary preferences, she got very excited about helping modify an existing salad on the menu and knew a ton about clean food and the details therein.

We made a steak salad into a ridiculously filling avacado, tomato, mixed green, cilantro, jalapeño etc salad that I want to remake when I get home. Oh BTW it cost less than the other.

Things have changed folks. The data is in! No matter what you prefer in the world of nutrition for health or ethical reasons, the number one excuse is quickly evaporating. You CAN find healthy food. You CAN control what you eat no matter where you are or who you are with. It is really in your control to respectfully maintain your body and mind responsibly. I did it when it was not cool you lucky dogs. You got it easy now. Feel good now AND tomorrow morning.


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  1. It’s very hard to be vegan in Texas!! I have to just cook, mostly. Good luck!


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