Catch 22 Day

Everybody is up so I am up. The dogs are up. The kids are up. So I am up.

There was a time when I slept until I didn’t like sleeping anymore and that is a time a barely remember. I think it was fraught with indecision and loneliness. Maybe it was a terrible time but my flawed monkey mind memory flowers up the story like a tale of ancient Greece. “There were grapes and candlelit steam baths with many women and boys… wait WHAT!?” Ok maybe not Greece. Ancient Rome. NO. They had even more boys in their bathes! What is with the ancients and their boy thing. Alright so maybe we were not grotesquely opulent in our youth but certainly more self involved and, as a result, less happy.

I enjoy my up early, tend to the flock life. It reminds me of how much I like being awake and I like being awake because I like tending to my flock.

Today is a Beautiful CATCH 22 DAY


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  1. drdrdog says:

    I’m 18 and next year of uni hasn’t started yet. This means I am at the stage in life where I get to sleep till I don’t want to anymore. You were wondering if it’s as great as you remember it… Yes, it’s absolutely great. Sadly it comes with a concerning lack of productivity. Win some loose some I guess 😀

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