Barefoot Comedy Podcast! Ep #1

I am home after 5 very hard working and Traveling days. Great comedy, jiujitsu, and podcasting.

The jewel of it all was The Barefoot Comedy Podcast at Tybee Post theater. My Daughter Piper, James Finizio ,and I hosted Todd Williams and Bengt Washburn for an outstanding stand up show and podcast with a huge crowd of local supporting fellow BAREFOOTERS. It was our first of what will probably be very many as it was even better than I had imagined.


The Stand up was, of course, world class but the podcast portion of the show was really cool and opened my eyes to many new amazing possibilities that we will all be taking part in again on Sept 25th.

After a short interview with Bengt and Todd the games were existential lightning round and either or lightning round. This led to a number of very aggressive Blue Crabs from Bowie Seafood being released on the table for the remainder of the podcast.


Thank you to all off you for keeping this on the forefront of your calendar. I will continue to bring you a fresh version of what you want once a month!

Look for Episode #1 on the upcoming website launching on SEPT 7th. You will find Podcasts, upcoming dates, merchandise and everything Barefoot Comedy and Live Podcast at…

Thanks again for being a part of a destination in a destination.

STAFF OF BAREFOOT COMEDY PODCAST. (right now it’s just me, Collin Moulton)



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