The Kindness Of Me

The kindness of strangers is the kindness of me. 

If you ever feel lonely, imagine how the people around you feel. I want something from the world and when I don’t get it I feel an emptiness that I call loneliness. Did I create the same for others? If I am taking than I am not giving and the people around me may need just like I do.

Loneliness is addictive and contagious, it is born of a fundamental misunderstanding of how to relate to other people. If self discipline is used to exercise one small positive behavior the result has inertia. All things always fall back on self discipline. If I exert the slightest amount of effort towards my own behavior and condition it is positively multiplied every time. 

We don’t study this, teach this, or formally practice it. But it colors everything we do. Make an effort to quel someone’s loneliness and watch your own immediately dissolve into connection and balance. 

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