The Political Broken Home (Lesser Of The Two Evils)

The lesser of the two evils. Is that how we do everything? I, like a lot of people, am from a broken home. Has the rise of the “lesser of the two evils” style of parenting that my parent’s generation pioneered corresponded with the growth of the political environment that we are currently in?

There have always been two parties but the polarization of the people in those parties and the way that they communicate, or don’t communicate when governing seems to be related to the fact that their (our) generation grew up in the revolution of the split parents. 

For a long time I have faulted my parents for something and didn’t know exactly what it was. I felt like I had some of my lack of guidance or preparation to succeed that was based on a compulsive need that my Mother and Father had to put their “me generation” needs ahead of mine. Not in all ways but in many key ways. Now I wonder if something bigger isn’t at work here.

I have overcome the shortcomings or lackings that I started with and am now on to new ones but what about my generation? As we take natural control of our society, is that same broken home, emotion deficit, and harsh reality of resource desperation just being mirrored in our political system because it is what we are used to as a power structure?

Can we overcome our programming or do we have to grow out of this in a multigenerational way? Do we have time? Do we even know enough about ourselves to begin that process? Is there a way for us to no longer recognize the stranglehold of the two party system and as a result do away with it completely? Is there a way to create a true political meritocracy? Do you care enough to sacrifice your own wants? Think about that when you vote. Watching people play politics is abhorrent. Being played by people who play politics is profoundly regretable and could be the end of what we are.

Stability is what we want. Stability is what left us when the family structure changed and left us wanting. Can we rebuild that stability by acting on the opposite instincts and compulsions of our parents? Can sustained selflessness regrow the part of us that atrophied and left us disillusioned? Or have we systematically destroyed our own self discipline so completely that sustained selflessness is not a capability of the American people?

The lesser of the two evils is from mostly one evil.

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