Thanksgiving Day Cat

Thanksgiving is over now and I already miss it. I’m sure there are many barnyard animals that feel very relieved. The Friday after thanksgiving is a day’s of celebration for the turkeys that still gobble among us. But don’t you think the turkey is an interesting ambassador for an entire holiday. Christmas has goose, ham, or… Turkey. Halloween has cand corn, Carmel apples, and whatever weird stuff is wrapped in that paper towel the elderly neighbor couple always gave out, that was promptly thrown away by caring parents. Fourth of July has entire babrbeques spreads. Even St. Patty’s Day has corned beef AND cabbage.

I believe it is time to revamp the Thanksgiving representative. How about the lobster or crab? They live in a place where they wouldn’t have to watch us daily as we prepare for their ceremonial demise. Plus they more completely represent the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by family. Or perhaps squirrel. There is an abundance of squirrels and they seem to want into the house. Maybe the answer is Thanksgiving day cat. Why not cat? They need to give back a little, AND hat would solve our variety issue. Could you imagine how hard you’d nap after a big plate of cat?!

“What are you having this year?” “Calico! I love calico! I have been waiting all year for this. You know, That feeling when you walk into a house full of family that smells like cat” “My sisters husband is Asian so we are have Pekingese. My Mother is allergic so we’ll cook a small Siamese for her. The kids are just having kitten… You know how kids are. They just love the kittens.”

Problem solved. See you next Thanksgiving…  even if it dark… get it cat can see in th… Oh nevermind!

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