Anyone Can Be Anyone (The Coati Raccoon Mantra)

Are you the same as you were? How far back do you have to look in your history to find a version of yourself that should have a different name than you?

I vacillate between a person who’s trying to be a better me and person who acts as if he has never heard of the practices that make me better. I am currently swing back toward the better version of me. Less indulgent, less self involved, less dangerous to myself and others.

Why do we think animals are always one personality? Can’t a raccoon have long periods of being a more balanced raccoon? Can’t a coati be surly and viscious for a number of months until some koala turns him on to a couple of good breathing exercises and quarter ounce of eucalyptus.

In Punta Sur, Mexico there is a pack of animals that normally strike fear into the heart of any suburban person who’s got “take trash out” on his todo list at midnight. A mixed community of raccoons and coatis (reddish, long-nosed, Mexican raccoons) living in harmony under a beachside restaurant called Peppitos. Kind to each other and gentle to all humans. I had lunch with them and learned a very valuable lesson. Just when you start feeling deeply committed to being uncommitted to the better version of you, there will always be an example of reinvention nearby. Open your eyes, your heart, and your bag of tortilla chips. You will see. Anyone can be anyone.


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