Accepting Happy

Can you tell if you are happy? How? What time of day do I check? What time of year? Who should I be with when I check?  The data is in flux.

People get hurt. People succeed. We live and die together whether or not we want to. At our best we are social animals and at worst we are as well. We tear each other apart and we save each in the most heroic ways. Each of us is capable of The most horrific atrocities and the most graceful kindnesses Happy seems to be an adjective that doesn’t describe a person as much as it describes a moment and the people are just there to witness it. Everything we do is rooted in a pursuit of some inherent happiness but in the act doing it we lose our perspective immediately. Diet, exercise, rest, genetics, circumstance, all of these things rip us in and out of happiness hourly. But we remain under the illusion that words like happiness describe who we are and not what we are a part of. It is what leads to unhappiness itself. The constant selecting of conditions to control the uncontrollable. The moment.

I don’t know if I am happy. But I do know that I can accept happiness when it is there and I can accept it when it is not because we owe it to each other to accept these moments as they are… together.

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