Childish Things

I was looking for a topic for this blog and even started writing about babies sleeping when my doorbell rang and the dogs barked and the baby cried. I answered it and it was two men who claimed to have the answers to the questions people have been asking. They asked me if I wanted to know the truth.

Does it seem assuming to claim you know what questions everyone is asking, much less the answers to those questions? The only question I had after a 30 minute meditation and a long morning stretch topped off by tummy time with my 10 week old was “Why is someone ringing my doorbell and changing my schedule?”

I was polite and accepted the “Truth” pamphlet. After reading the entire thing I realized that they were made up answers to questions that I don’t have. It seems that more and more people are finding their own balance and enlightenment and these questions are becoming archaic and obsolete.

It says that the way to happiness is to identify your need for the pamphlet. The “Truth” reads like an Ovaltine ad. “How can I find happiness in life Ovaltine?” DRINK OVALTINE.” The answer apple came up with to “How can I be happy in life?” was “Use apple products.” And then they gave us a bunch of products that actually DO make us happier. (They kinda nailed it.)

I get why this was important information at the time that it was established. People were lopping each other’s parts off and the stability of any people group was short lived. There must have been a mass feeling of being lost and vulnerable. To which the”Truth” spoke directly.

The advanced world we have created and are currently living in has myriad advantages leaving us time and safety to explore our very real truths. As a result we have found that the most important questions and answers are quite a bit different than they were two thousand, or even two hundred years ago.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways.
– 1 Corinthians 13:11

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