Smell The Evolution

Always in hurry. Never on time. This is the modern state of being as far as I can tell. Or is it? Modern, I mean.

Did neolithic man find himself rushing around the mountains and plains gathering and hunting with no time to just take in the beauty of his surroundings? No time to have a good conversation about the state of the cave with a like-minded knuckle dragger?

I say Yes! I suspect that we have always been the same as we are now.

Imagine an exceptionally hairy man dressed in animal skins stopping to wander alone in a flower patch while a 700 lb sabertooth tiger slowly creeps up on him. Now picture a cave full of very hairy, very hungry women and children trying to make it through winter. The genes of the dreamer and the poet were rarely carried on. Just the occasional lucky one who didn’t even notice the giant monster that was about to eat him as the monster himself was eaten by a larger monster. That is why all dreamers and poets are so hopeful and idealistic. They are inherently lucky. Those things don’t naturally go together but the only one’s that survived to carry on their dreamer genes had an additional overly hopeful flake gene from being so monumentally lucky all the time.

We set ourselves apart from early man but in fact we are early man. We have only advanced at all when we did take time to “smell the evolution”. Think of your harried lifestyle. Now imagine nothing to do and no one waiting for it. A complete reset. Now how productive would you be?

Take a minute to smell the evolution. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh yeah Monsters.

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