Real Life Unfolding

Today I drive to Florida. 

In 2 hours I will load two dogs, three kids and one wife into a giant vehicle with no concern for fuel consumption and drive toward an impossible peninsula filled with well meaning hoards of elderly people, meth heads, and 25 foot pythons. I am relatively sure that there are a few other things to be on the lookout for but one can only do so much to mitigate exposure when in a third world country.

If everything goes smooth I should have my feet in the gulf by sundown. I keep waiting for the excitement to hit but I travel so much that it still just feels like another day. I think the exhilaration will hit me 30 minutes in, when I settle into the drivers seat with my entire family and their “I HAVE TO BRING IT!” Belongings, and my wife says “Oh crap! Did you look the back door?! No? We gotta go back!”

An hour later, that will be followed by a one of my three kids having to go “potty!” Then just before a dog pukes I will notice that I forgot my phone charger and toothbrush. 

This is the not the exception. This is how real life unfolds and I have come to love every minute of it. 

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  1. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when reading this 😉 Hope it will be a fun trip!


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