Dominance Is For The Birds

4:45 am The sun is late today… or I am early.

Thoughts of getting ahead of the day prodded me as I lay tricking my consciousness as it lay tricking me. So up after 30 minutes of silent battle and I have done more in 2 hours than in days.

What is it about the morning that fells wholesome and right? Is it the birds joining us in our noise? And why do they do that?

I think birds, in their limited forebrains, are convinced that the noisier you are as a species the better you are at dominance. After all we are we are their only frame of reference.

The same thing drives me this morning. I see the dominant species up at 5am “seizing the day!” moving, shaking, making deals, and getting fit.

My back hurts, my eyes feel dry, my kids will be up soon and I will be swept into a rushing river of events, none of which are naps . Maybe this dominance thing is literally for the birds.

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