The Seeds of Friendship

When did friendship begin? Was there friendship before cities? Before language? Before God?

Why do I lose friends? Why do we lose each other? What pressure drives us apart while we clutch at nothing else? Cities, languages, Gods? Are we broken by our own cities? Scrambled by noise and judgement, confused by love and hate? Do we push and pull each other away from one another with the very languages that brought us together? Is it our Gods that conspire to keep us at a distance from one another so that we can’t become one and dissolve them into obsolescence?

Our intent is always the same. To love each other. Our failure is always the same. To love ourselves.

The seed of friendship never looks the same. The beauty of it is in it’s newness. The wonder of it is in the lifelong search to recognize it. Wisdom is, at it’s best, knowing what you are looking at when you see a friend for the first time. Balance is knowing how to prioritize the space in your heart and let your honesty wash over it all like a safety blanket. Keeping it safe from Cities, languages, gods, and ourselves.


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