We The Game Pieces

I see the world but I don’t understand. I look at what I am allowed to see and even that leaves me at a loss. I am not alone.

I can’t identify with any of the suffering OR aggression that I see. I can’t identify with bluster in the face of  unknowable consequence. I can’t identify with inexhaustible analysis of the manipulation and victimization of humanity in the interest of nationalism. I cant identify.

If the leaders of our world represent us in any way then how we can we be left with no clear understanding of their actions on our behalf? How can we be stirred into social mayhem by anything they do if they are doing these things in our interest. How can we be confused into a buzzing hive of interpersonal conflict at home and in the media if they are us.

We can’t identify because we are not honestly and truly represented. We are the landscape. We are the game pieces. The rook has no clear understanding of what the bishop does ten spaces away. We the people, we the game pieces are formulating choices and opinions that concern and effect an immeasurably small portion of the game board and we will never see the game.

I CAN identify with what I know is right and it is all I can ever do.


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