Telling It Like It Is

The news cycle has changed completely.

Is it lost on anyone that the tragedy unfolding in Texas is changing the news toward the positive. Is it our interest that is fickle or the people who tell us what we want to hear? Or is it that we are being shown the sharp contrast between the antics of our political celebrities and what really matters to us?

The negative garbage we’ve been consuming and vomiting back onto each other for months has a source. It is born of ego. Theirs and ours. After watching PEOPLE stop everything to help one another don’t you see more clearly now?

Tragedies happen in cycles and we always gain more then we’ve lost. We gain perspective. We gain back the humanity that has been slowly stripped from us by ego. Theirs and ours.  And as the waters subside we lose homes, belongings and even loved ones. But we lose something else effects the world going forward… EGO.

We lose a large piece of blinding ego each time we gain more perspective. Please keep that on the screen saver of your mind as long as you can so that political vampires can’t ride rough shot over our consciousness for their own benefit.

If you think you hear people in this administration or any other “telling it like it is” You will find that they are doing so only because they are trying to group us together by lowest common denominator so that they can have a larger social impact, more money, more fame. They may say that it is a means to an end. End of what? they may actually think they are making change. They are repeating a cycle of distracting minutia that confuses our true nature.

The only people “Telling it like it is” are the people jumping into action with boats, food, medicine, physical heroism, and overall support for their fellow human. That is TRUTH. The first truth we have seen in a long time and it is US telling it, not them.



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