Happy New Debt

The holidays are over and now we pick up the pieces. Literally and figuratively. We did our best and now that everyone is back to school and work we have to admit to ourselves that we did too much.

The bills are coming in, the toys are being shelved and forgotten, and all the family went home leaving us alone with our overextended January malaise.

How can we commit to our new years resolution of less eating more fitness, meditation, yoga, or less self medicating when we just had all this pressure land on us?

The answer is that this is when we need the new years resolution. This is the very moment that we need a place to put our energy so that we don’t freak out with the realization that the new football we bought for $60 doesn’t mean our 4 year old is now on the road to the NFL. It doesn’t even mean she will like football.

There is a magical synergy to our impulsive and otherwise seemingly ridiculous tradition stacking. Enjoy your new years resolution this year. It may be the only reason you make to another one.

Happy New Debt!


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