Fear and Success

Innovation is on my mind.

I think we all want some form of greatness. To be a hero to the whole world or a community or a child or just yourself.

Did you ever know why? That may be the first step to finding your originality. Your self. Your greatness. I don’t think I ever understood what passion was really driving me. I felt powerful and directionless all through my most effective years like a little boat with a jet engine and no rudder. Things just blew by me as I jumped around from one thing to the next emulating and mimicking to stay in whatever world I seemed so late to.

Had I known the core passion that drove all my other passions I would have had the advantage of clarity. It wasn’t mechanical repair and diagnosis. It wasn’t musical entertainment or woodworking. It wasn’t surfing, skating, parenting, wrestling, Jiujitsu, or even comedy. It was discovery the whole time.

Every new endeavor that drew my excitement, my powerful focus and work ethic had one thing in common with the next. Discovery. I was taught that follow through is good and fresh pursuits that impede that follow through are bad. I learned that a passion for discovery is an obstacle instead of an endeavor all it’s own that may be the most important key to greatness. I developed guilt about exploration of new ideas. I felt ineffective at the very moments I was most effective. I taught myself to fail. It kept me safe from the fear you get when you are at the precipice of success. I welcomed the failure and held it close like a blanket or a shield.

Originality is born of singular focus. It can’t be implemented it has to just happen. When you free yourself from your learned childish habits of hiding behind the images and successes of others you face a giant unknown an enormous gorge filled with fears. as you engage with those fears they shrink away with your ego and you become yourself in an instant and that instant can last the rest of your life.


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