Stupid Finches!

The problem with getting up early in the morning to write is that I inevitably write about being up early… Aww man! Here I go again!

Not this time. There are far too many salacious stories in the world to write about than the sun rising and saying “Here I am again, as if presidential lawsuits and hashtag movements have no connection with the greater clockwork of life stew that built us all.”

This is not a world where we have time to gaze into the power of the ocean in an attempt to gain true perspective. This is a world in which we must spend every waking moment organizing our outrage and “shutting down” or “giving props” to the outrage of others. We only have a limited amount of energy each day. How could we spend any of it on such inane endeavors as walking in the woods among birds and leaves that don’t even know what is coming. They can’t see how international trade wars impact the very branch they roost on. They don’t know the importance of poring over headlines on unknown news sites that we have spent hours vetting to get the real, balanced scoop. They would probably think none of the minutia really matters. They would probably say, in their dumb bird ways with their tiny bird brains that those things keep happening and unhappening and that the real world barely flinches.

Barely Flinches? Stupid Finches!

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