Facelift Selfies

We are getting older… even my 1 year old will be 2 soon. As we age naturally we are faced with more documentation of our own image. No one can escape the selfie! The selfie has twisted us all into weird, wide eyed, crazy smiled, surprised looking versions of our younger selves.

Technology has increase all the elements of society that keep us up late at night getting less rest than we need so the older of us just keep multiplying our facial damage. Then we are required to post updated documentation of our imploding faces on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So here we stand, arm extended, eyes impossibly wide, grinning maniacally, trying to pull the wrinkles and wear and tear out of our weathered faces in every selfie with these weird home do it facelifts.

Just let yourself implode. We are all falling in on ourselves it’s what makes us old people interesting enough that others will tolerate our smells!

Don’t go mental into that good selfie.


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