Playdating Apps

Coordinating my kids playdates has become an actual part time job. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are dating apps that make adult dating way more efficient and effective. Why dont we have playdating apps? Kids are on ipads and phones everywhere I look anyway. We should have a kid version of “Hot Or Not”… That sounds bad…Hear me out! It would be called “Fun Or Done” or “Must or Sus” or “Hundo P or Not For Me”.

We could even have Baby apps like Tinder for babies… Kinder! You just drool/wipe left or right… Crap! I just checked and there already is a kinder site. Not a playdating app though. How about “Cuddle Or Cry”? Whoa! That sounds like a middle-aged divorcee dating app.

Never mind. I think there’s a reason I don’t make apps. I guess I will just go back to the world of calling strangers about there kids schedules and interest in my child. It’s all very weirdly illuminating. You find out very quickly whether or not your child is practicing the manners and etiquette you have tried to instill in them when you start calling around to get other people’s take on spending an hour with them. Then there’s that moment when they say “Not right now” in a way that means “never”. Even when it is a family that you would never hang out with and probably don’t want your kid hanging out with either,  it leaves you thinking “What can we do to fix this and get my kid in that house… They have to accept us!” Now I get why rich people move to random islands on HGTV shows. It’s the only way to effectively isolate yourself and your children from your own social ineptitude. So much easier than parenting better.

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