Playdating Apps

We should have a kid version of “Hot Or Not”… That sounds bad…Hear me out!

Facelift Selfies

So here we stand, arm extended, eyes impossibly wide, grinning maniacally, trying to pull the wrinkles and wear and tear out of our weathered faces in every selfie with these weird home do it facelifts.

Stupid Finches!

…as if presidential lawsuits and hashtag movements have no connection with the greater clockwork of life stew that built us all…

Happy New Debt

There is a magical synergy to our impulsive and otherwise seemingly ridiculous tradition stacking.

Legally Terrified

It’s finally legal and i’ve never been more paranoid in my life.

Advice From Out Of Nowhere

It is a beautiful day. I am worried that it isn’t and I don’t know. That happens sometimes. We look around at what is in our immediate vicinity and we incorrectly assess the world from that information. Then we give advice or judge the actions of others that can’t see what we see… Wait. I…

Dominance Is For The Birds

4:45 am The sun is late today… or I am early. Thoughts of getting ahead of the day prodded me as I lay tricking my consciousness as it lay tricking me. So up after 30 minutes of silent battle and I have done more in 2 hours than in days. What is it about the…

Believe This

Belief is the end of the argument that is incomplete.

Happy Blue Bacon Day!

Gearing up fro St Paddy’s Day? Well you should know that The man associated with the raucous, green beer drinking, corned beef and cabbage eating Irish celebration that we know today probably wasn’t Irish at all.

Barista Movement

I’m tired but I’m not “yell at a barista” tired. Sometimes I am though and it’s all I can do to not snip at a customer service rep or grumble at a slow walking person in front of me at the airport or… yell at a barista? I don’t know if I’ve ever been that…

Smell The Evolution

Always in hurry. Never on time. This is the modern state of being as far as I can tell. Or is it? Modern, I mean. Did neolithic man find himself rushing around the mountains and plains gathering and hunting with no time to just take in the beauty of his surroundings? No time to have…