Facelift Selfies

So here we stand, arm extended, eyes impossibly wide, grinning maniacally, trying to pull the wrinkles and wear and tear out of our weathered faces in every selfie with these weird home do it facelifts.


I started life with an idealistic existential urgency that made perfect sense.

Fear and Success

Innovation is on my mind. I think we all want some form of greatness. To be a hero to the whole world or a community or a child or just yourself. Did you ever know why? That may be the first step to finding your originality. Your self. Your greatness. I don’t think I ever…

Happy New Debt

There is a magical synergy to our impulsive and otherwise seemingly ridiculous tradition stacking.

Telling It Like It Is

The news cycle has changed completely. Is it lost on anyone that the tragedy unfolding in Texas is changing the news toward the positive. Is it our interest that is fickle or the people who tell us what we want to hear? Or is it that we are being shown the sharp contrast between the…

Charlottesville and Our Forefathers

Sally Hemmings was three quarters white. She was Half-Sister to Thomas Jefferson’s wife and spent her life as a slave and Mother to some of his children. She lived out her remaining years after Jefferson’s death in Charlottesville, VA as an unfreed slave who had been “given her time”. 

We The Game Pieces

I see the world but I don’t understand. I look at what I am allowed to see and even that leaves me at a loss. I am not alone. I can’t identify with any of the suffering OR aggression that I see. I can’t identify with bluster in the face of  unknowable consequence. I can’t…

The Seeds of Friendship

When did friendship begin? Was there friendship before cities? Before language? Before God? Why do I lose friends? Why do we lose each other? What pressure drives us apart while we clutch at nothing else? Cities, languages, Gods? Are we broken by our own cities? Scrambled by noise and judgement, confused by love and hate?…

Dominance Is For The Birds

4:45 am The sun is late today… or I am early. Thoughts of getting ahead of the day prodded me as I lay tricking my consciousness as it lay tricking me. So up after 30 minutes of silent battle and I have done more in 2 hours than in days. What is it about the…

Echoes of Sustainability

True sustainability has to be measured on such an unimaginable scale that I fear I may not be featured in a great deal of it, historically speaking. Somewhere in time lived a man of meager means by today’s standards. But when his fellows took stock of his wealth they marveled at the inspiration seen there. They…

Believe This

Belief is the end of the argument that is incomplete.

Old Blue Bricks

Old Town San Juan, Puerto Rico. Old blue bricks are like old blue people. They are askew and broken in tiny and monumental ways but they are still holding their position. They could not be more unique and discolored by experience but they fit in. Their role is what they are. They are the silent placeholders…