Telling It Like It Is

The news cycle has changed completely. Is it lost on anyone that the tragedy unfolding in Texas is changing the news toward the positive. Is it our interest that is fickle or the people who tell us what we want to hear? Or is it that we are being shown the sharp contrast between the…

Charlottesville and Our Forefathers

Sally Hemmings was three quarters white. She was Half-Sister to Thomas Jefferson’s wife and spent her life as a slave and Mother to some of his children. She lived out her remaining years after Jefferson’s death in Charlottesville, VA as an unfreed slave who had been “given her time”.¬†

Legally Terrified

It’s finally legal and i’ve never been more paranoid in my life.

We The Game Pieces

I see the world but I don’t understand. I look at what I am allowed to see and even that leaves me at a loss. I am not alone. I can’t identify with any of the suffering OR aggression that I see. I can’t identify with bluster in the face of ¬†unknowable consequence. I can’t…

Echoes of Sustainability

True sustainability has to be measured on such an unimaginable¬†scale that I fear I may not be featured in a great deal of it, historically speaking. Somewhere in time lived a man of meager means by today’s standards. But when his fellows took stock of his wealth they marveled at the inspiration seen there. They…

Believe This

Belief is the end of the argument that is incomplete.

Happy Blue Bacon Day!

Gearing up fro St Paddy’s Day? Well you should know that The man associated with the raucous, green beer drinking, corned beef and cabbage eating Irish celebration that we know today probably wasn’t Irish at all.

Childish Things

I was looking for a topic for this blog and even started writing about babies sleeping when my doorbell rang and the dogs barked and the baby cried. I answered it and it was two men who claimed to have the answers to the questions people have been asking. They asked me if I wanted…

The Political Broken Home (Lesser Of The Two Evils)

The lesser of the two evils. Is that how we do everything? I, like a lot of people, am from a broken home. Has the rise of the “lesser of the two evils” style of parenting that my parent’s generation pioneered corresponded with the growth of the political environment that we are currently in? There…